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in the comfort of El Mercadito Latino with Carlos and Penny Siles

Carlos is from Nicaragua and Penny is from Canada. They met almost 25 years ago and have been together ever since. It was April 2009 they decided to open El Mercadito Latino Ltd. In a small humble space in Coral Springs. It was just this March they moved to a bigger space and added a small deli to their business. They own and operate it themselves, with a lot of hard work and dedication the business if flourishing. They are grateful for support of their customers old and new. They look forward to many more years of bringing only the best products and customer service to you.

Variety of Quality products exportation

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    Coffee With a Taste From Home

    There is a variety of coffee from different countriesWhat better way to start your mornings? Enjoy a cup of coffee that tastes exciting and new.

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    REAL and UNIQUE Tostadas!

    This crunchy version of the corn tortilla is so tasty with some refried beans, sour cream, jalapenos, and a meat topping of your choice.

  • Only The Best Beans True Taste

    Large assortment of beans to choose from. Whole, refried, dry, red or black. Each different brand offers a unique taste...they will be sure to hit the spot

  • Jalapenos for that added kick

    There is canned red and green jalapenos. Whole ones or sliced…the perfect ingredient to add a little heat to your dish. Either in a salsa or just the way they are.

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    Hot Sauce Fanatics

    Huge selection of hot sauces. All different spicy levels. Whether you like a lot of heat or a little heat they will have what you are looking for. One section is dedicated to hot sauces…an important part of any meal.

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    Maseca Flour, Corn or Meal

    Maseca is very used in the Central and South American .Bags ranging from 4lbs to 50lbs. It is used to make tortillas, pupusas, tamales and many other dishes. Corn Meal there is 3 different ones: yellow, white, and sweet. Mainly used to make arepas.

More Products


The menu is small right now but large in flavor. The items that are in the deli are freshly made by hand picked people from different countries. Each one was sampled before they choose who would prepare that item. Come and try for yourself…you will not be disappointed! We hope to see you soon! Come and give us a chance to feed your growling belly with some of our tasty items.

Fresh and warm


    $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00

    Usually if they try one they want more. Choice of El Pastor (pork marinated and cooked on the barbeque) & La Barria (marinated shredded beef) both served on 2 mini tortillas and topped with sweet onions and fresh cilantro, a smoky salsa is served on the side. Sure to hit the spot.


    $3.00 each

    These are made with maseca and stuffed with chicken, potatoes, green beans, and wrapped in a banana leaf to cook. The flavor is truly amazing. Try them with some hot sauce to add a little kick. You cannot only eat one.


    $ 3.00

    filled with ground beef or chicken. Seasoned perfectly and a great way to satisfy your lunch appetite.


    $3.00 a slice

    This cake is moist and super delicious. Gets its name Tres Leches because it is made with condensed, heavy cream, and evaporated milk. Topped with whipped cream and fruit. This cake is the perfect way to end off a meal or can hit the spot when having a sweet tooth attack. Not overly sweet it is just right. Will also sell the whole cake for $30.00 do need one-day notice.


    $2.50 a slice

    This dessert is a caramely bread pudding. One bite will not be enough.


    $ 2.00

    A glass this juice is made from Klass Tamarind Juice crystals and is thirst quenching. One of the most popular flavors. Served over ice.


    $ 2.00

    A glass this juice is made from Klass Jamaica Juice crystals and is also a popular flavor. Served over ice.


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